Anne McGregor, Director

Anne McGregor has 14 years of experience working in the transport sector, as an economist, planner and strategic advisor. Her previous employers include PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Scottish Enterprise, Steer Davies Gleave and latterly The Spyria Partnership.

Her main sphere of expertise is advising national and local Government bodies in the UK and overseas on scheme feasibility and development, the preparation of business cases, economic appraisal and impact analyses, and the formulation of transport plans, policies and strategies. Anne has also worked for many private sector clients, focusing on market assessment and feasibility for new investments/services and funding opportunities.

Anne is fluent in Russian and has had significant experience of working on transport assignments overseas. At PwC she had a key role in developing the corporate finance maritime market and has since built up a strong portfolio of experience in the port, ferry and freight sectors, advising public and private sector clients on port restructuring, ferry service tendering, provision of equipment, economic impact analyses and feasibility studies for new services and infrastructure. On leaving PwC in 2010 Anne formed The Spyria Partnership, which developed into a successful advisory firm advising on a wide variety of projects in the UK and overseas.

As well as having a strong foundation in the transport sector, Anne has also advised on numerous assignments within other sectors including utilities, renewable energy and general public sector service delivery.