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MTSS Ltd is recruiting – exciting opportunity for a Transport Research Analyst!

Port restructuring and the importance of historic environment and heritage in the maritime sector

Currently acting as sub consultant on two maritime studies: one comprising a review and development of a harbour management plan and options for changes in governance structure and a second looking at how ports consider the historic environment and heritage in their master planning processes.

Development of Rail Freight Terminal moves a step closer to construction

McGregor Transport & Strategy Solutions Ltd has been advising a private company on the development of a rail freight terminal over the last 7 months: business plan, funding application, general operational aspects and assessment of potential demand. In November 2013, a funding package was confirmed in principal with several entities, thus enabling the project promoter to proceed to the next phase – feasibility and detailed design, with a view to construction commencing in the Autumn of 2014.

Exporing new transport advisory markets – in Georgia

McGregor Transport & Strategy Solutions Ltd has formed an alliance with Proxima, a young and dynamic advisory firm based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Anne McGregor, Director of MTSS Ltd has previously worked in Georgia on major investments concerning transportation and utilities. This is an exciting opportunity for the business to expand into new geographical markets.georgia

Advising on the develompent of infrastructure in Russia

November 2013

McGregor Transport & Strategy Solutions has been involved in the planning and feasibility of a major motorway infrastructure project in northern Russia as part of the traffic forecasting team. As well as supervising traffic counts and data analysis the work concentrated on developing a framework of socio-economic indicators and assumptions to underpin the forecast modelling work. The company is also looking at demand flows for new ports and other road infrastructure projects across the Former Soviet Union.

Developing visions and marketing plans for ports

Working with Caithness Renewables Ltd, MTSS Ltd has recently completed a Marketing Plan for Eyemouth Harbour, which involved looking at the offshore wind opportunities for the harbour, as well as refining its vision for the future.

Anne and Louise have put together a new combined service to help ports harness opportunities, primarily from the offshore energy sector, while developing strategic visions, considering the full range of diversification opportunities and prioritising investment.